Farm and Apiary Apprenticeships Coming 2019

Farm and Apiary Apprenticeships Coming 2019

I’ve decided to offer up the opportunity for farm and apiary apprenticeships beginning with the 2019 season. Eeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!

apiary apprenticeships
Apprenticeships at Runamuk begin with the 2019 growing season!

Having other people on-farm is a big commitment for both Runamuk and my family, and not something to take lightly. Ultimately though, I know I’m going to need the help if I’m to grow my operation to meet the vision I have for this pollinator conservation farm. What’s more, I’m eager for the opportunity to pay it forward, and for the chance to share what I’ve learned. With that in mind, I’ve studied what other farms are doing and designed what I hope will be an apprenticeship program that will benefit aspiring young farmers, as well as Runamuk. It’s a model piloted by Ridgedale Farm in Sweden, and one that I really admire because it supports beginning farmers in the early stages of their farm journey.

This is a profit-sharing model that supports people more and more when they return in subsequent seasons. First-year apprentices are not paid, but 2nd and 3rd-year apprentices will receive a monthly stipend, as well as an end-of-season bonus. Room and board is provided by Runamuk for all apprentices, as well as access to wi-fi and household facilities. After 3 or more seasons at Runamuk, a dedicated individual can learn literally every aspect of the business; including sales, accounting, planning, monitoring and all aspects of every farm enterprise.

farm apprenticeship
Sheep at Runamuk!

Runamuk’s apprenticeship program is geared toward individuals who are already committed to a future in agriculture. I’m offering the chance to work alongside me, to be involved in all aspects of the Runamuk Acres Farm and Apiary, including holding livestock responsibilities, working in the market garden, and assisting in the apiary.

This team will also assist me in cultivating the large-scale pollinator gardens that will form the foundation of this conservation and demonstration farm: a series of 1-acre perennial gardens each geared toward pollinators: bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, bats and moths. With a 10-acre field serving as a blank canvas, this project will consume our next 5 years or more here at Runamuk. The result will be a winding series of paths leading through a glorious botanical garden, a combination of ornamental and edible perennials.

As you can see there’s a lot to be done here!

There are equal opportunities here for all, regardless of gender, so applicants should all be prepared to do the same work. It’s very physically demanding work, and I have high standards that I’m always striving to meet and which I will expect anyone working for Runamuk to always strive to meet also.

small farm apprenticeships
The laying flock working the garden.

The deadline for application submission is January 31st, 2019. The process involves a Questionnaire/Application, which includes a 2-minute video in response to one question. Top candidates will be asked to come to come for an on-farm visit/workday. Final selection will be made and apprentices will be notified on or before March 31st. For 1st-year apprentices the season begins April 14th and runs to September 15th.

To ensure a good fit on both sides, I’m requesting that interested candidates please read all the information provided very carefully before emailing to request the questionnaire/application. Read about the vision for Runamuk, learn about our Apprenticeship Program (I’m offering space for 2-3 apprentices next season), check out Runamuk’s Apprenticeship Model, and please read our Farm Policies.

After you’ve read all that, if you still feel strongly about applying with Runamuk, please use the form at the bottom of the Apprenticeships page to email me today to request the Runamuk Acres Apprenticeship Questionnaire/Application!

If you know a young, aspiring farmer who might like to apprentice with me at Runamuk, to get in on the ground-floor here and be a part of the story of this farm, by all means please share this opportunity with them!

Share your thoughts, comments or questions!

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